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movieJanuary 6, 2024
After escaping prison Kat finds his own revolver pointed to his head by an unknown assailant. As the empty rounds click away, Kat tries to remember what happened to each bullet.
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1h 20min
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This movie knows exactly what it wants to be. The Burghart Brothers have created a fast paced, masterful demonstration of high wire tension storytelling that is an absolute delight to watch. While I was on the edge of my seat for much of the film, what I really appreciate most about it is the clear artistic vision. The set locations, costume design, and character personalities are all distinctly Kansas, something not often portrayed. This setting and cast of characters are then shot with a clearly unique creative eye that makes the film truly outstanding. The cinematography here really caught my attention. The bar fight and the climax are among my favorites, but there are just too many to mention. There are some truly iconic scenes in this movie with a lot of small details that make it fun to rewatch. Shout out to the sound designer putting a subtle tiger growl in the background effects of that climax scene, it works so well! I will be sharing this film with everyone I know and I can't wait to watch the next film from the Burghart Brothers, bravo!

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  • Aaron Jakubenko
  • Melanie Zanetti
  • Kyle Dyck
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