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tvseriesTV-MAApril 16, 2024
A fresh look at Hartley High over 20 years on. With her new friends - outsiders Quinni and Darren - Amerie must repair her reputation, while navigating love, sex, and heartbreak.
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I started off absolutely hating this reboot of one of my favorite TV shows. I thought it was badly written, over the top woke bs and I was absolutely gonna vote this down and give it a one star review. I continued watching the episodes and started to realize the damn thing was growing on me... The writing wasn't great in many areas and I cringed more than a few times with some of the lines that were written. But honestly, I have to say I got to the end of the last episode and wanted another season. I am still in love with Peter Rivers as much today as I was back in the 90's...I loved him more than I loved Drazic. My favorite character without a doubt is Darren. PLEASE GIVE US ANOTHER SEASON.

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  • Ayesha Madon
  • James Majoos
  • Chloe Hayden
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