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tvseriesTV-MAMarch 27, 2023
In a retro-futuristic world, charismatic salesman Jack Billings leads a team of fellow sales associates determined to revitalize their customers' lives by hawking timeshares on the moon.
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The people giving this a low rating seem like they don't understand the whole concept of a tv show- this is make-believe, guys- chill. This isn't a documentary about space travel or the possibility of jet-packs existing at the same time as cartoon driven UPS style trucks with no tires. This is just a made up setting. It's so funny how people complain about wanting something new and different, but then complain when it's different in a way that they don't like. Here they are, rolling the dice on something new! Give it a chance or we'll end up with nothing but true crime reenactment series (The staircase, Dahmer, 10 more in the works! Ugh) and scooby do spin-offs and you'll have no one but yourselves to blame! Now that we got that out of the way.... I only saw the first episode, so here's my take so far. This show had the style and set design of that 1964 world's fair "We're capable of anything and everything is great!" vibe. I couldn't help being taken with it. Floating robot waitresses? Why not? It's the type of stupid and unnecessary but "futuristic and cool" things people back then thought we'd have by now. It's fun and different, and just adds a little levity to what seems to be a show that's pretty heavy, topic-wise. People keep comparing it to the Jetsons, which I get because of the futuristic style, but that's far as the comparisons go. The vibe of the show doesn't match it at all. It reminded me of something the whole time and I couldn't quite put my finger on it until I started writing this- Pee Wee's Playhouse. I know, it sounds like an odd comparison, but it has the same over the top characters and even acting style to show the "innocence of the time" in a tongue in cheek way. It's obviously not as zany, but it has the same surface level silliness. It's hard to explain, but it's definitely a big part of the first episode. It was just the vibe, though- not AT ALL what the show was actually about, so no worries of secret word of the day or any of that. It may pull back as episodes go on to reveal the true meat of the show, which is "slick salesguy is selling the perfect American Dream as his own life is down in the dumps" which we've all seen time and time again. The acting is great and I believe that this guy believes that he's doing right by people. I like his sales team, and potential of seeing them interact more in the future. His son has the "aw gee, mister!" thing going on, which will probably change as more is revealed. I'm going to keep watching because I'm intrigued by how the storyline, setting, and acting style are all going to work together as we get out of the pilot episodes and see if everything still holds up once the scenery is no longer the star of the show. I think it's definitely worth a shot!

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  • Billy Crudup
  • Haneefah Wood
  • Alison Pill
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