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movieTV-14August 18, 2023
A young woman's dad becomes the obsession of her seductive roommate who will stop at nothing to possess him.
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I wanted to like this typical and sooooooo predictable movie!!!! Dumb daughter quickly becomes friends with psycho and stupid girl whom she doesn't know and of course all hell breaks loose!!! Dumb father doesn't notice psycho girl flirting with him as well as all of the things going on around him because hes he's just that stupid and blind!!!! How many movies have been done this way??? Poison Ivy with Drew Barrymore was better than this and so was The Crush with Alicia Silverstone therefore I don't know why this crap was even made??? The idiot father is married to a beautiful woman who loves him and yet he falls for a girl who isn't even cute but unfortunately that's usually how it goes!!! Lol There was nothing new here!!! Been there, done that!!! If you're bored, watch this movie but other than that don't waste your time!!! Go watch The Crush and Poison Ivy, those movies did it first and wayyyyyyyy BETTER!!!!!

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  • Ryan Francis
  • Meghan Carrasquillo
  • Logan Mariner
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