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tvseriesTV_MAMay 24, 2023
Peggy Newman, a woman with a checkered past, makes the life-changing decision to become a private investigator following the death of her beloved mother, who she lived with in the small desert town of Yucca Valley, California.
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This is unwatchable. It's a cringe train wreck. I don't mean to be mean, but Patricia A 's performance is disturbing. She has gained so much weight that she can't deliver her lines without heavy breathing. I feel like every actor in this show just got out of rehab. I watched the first 15 minutes and I have no idea what is happening. Is this a comedy or a drama? I have no idea. The story is convoluted I'm not sure who all these characters are, or how they are related. The writing is horrible. The dialogue is sophomoric. It's seems like the director was on acid while filming this. Characters are thrown into scenes without any setup or explanation. I feel like watching True Romance, but I'm afraid I may cry.

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  • Patricia Arquette
  • Weruche Opia
  • Jayden Gomez
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