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tvseriesTV-MAJuly 26, 2023
When Flight KA29 is hijacked during its seven-hour journey from Dubai to London, Sam Nelson-an accomplished corporate negotiator-tries using his professional skills to save everyone on board. Will this high-risk strategy be his undoing?
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There are only two episodes available at the moment but so far so good!!! I really enjoyed it but it's so frustrating that streaming services like Apple TV aren't giving us the whole series at once!! What's the point of having it if it works the same as it was when we were watching regular tv? The whole idea behind it is that we can watch it whenever we want. It's really frustrating that we have to wait a full week for another episode. I really prefer to binge watch shows like this one. Waiting isn't making it more thrilling, at least not for me. On the contrary, I get less invested as time goes by. I just had to write it down once and for all because I see it happening all the time and it's really pissing me off!!!! Streaming services shouldn't work like regular channels on tv. Give us all the episodes and let us decide what pace works for us! So if you're like me, and you prefer to binge watch a good show just wait, do yourself a favor and don't start watching it. I was just going to watch the first episode to see if I like it but it got interesting really fast and now I'm pissed.

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  • Idris Elba
  • Neil Maskell
  • Max Beesley
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