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movieRJune 8, 2024
A mild-mannered professor moonlighting as a fake hit man in police stings ignites a chain reaction of trouble when he falls for a potential client.
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1h 55min
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I went to see this movie on a whim, mainly because I wanted to go to the cinema and had already seen everything else that was playing. With low expectations set by the unremarkable trailer and poster, the film pleasantly surprised me. Glen's performance was commendable; he effortlessly slipped into various character roles, eliciting genuine laughs along the way. The chemistry between Glen and Adria is fantastic. Although it includes some clichéd romcom moments that were a bit predictable, the infusion of philosophical insights provided an unexpected layer of intellect, elevating the overall experience.

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  • Glen Powell
  • Adria Arjona
  • Austin Amelio
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