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movieTV-GNovember 21, 2023
Upon leaving London and working at a cooking hotline, Abby connects with an anonymous caller - a single dad who Abby unknowingly is also smitten with in real life.
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If you had read me the script before I watched this movie, I'd have made a hefty bet it would be a disaster. There's probably quite a few who think it was. But I thought they made it work. You can't tell the players without a scorecard as people are using interchangeable names and accents and somehow two people become two couples. Emily Tennant is a tiny, little ball of gorgeousness who plays a British chef treated shamefully by her boyfriend/boss, so she comes to Chicago for Christmas. She somehow winds up working at a turkey cooking helpline. Niall Matter is an architect in Chicago who wants to make a Christmas turkey for his daughter. It all gets very convoluted from there. Erik Athavale was really funny in Santa Summit, and is very good here too. Myla Volk as the daughter is a child actor new to me. She's going to be gorgeous in ten years, and does a nice job as well. I can only say this is the kind of movie some love and some hate. I gave it an 8.

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