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tvseriesJune 17, 2024
The story of Roman Compte, a Cuban expatriate who fought against Fidel Castro in the Bay of Pigs invasion and re-made his life in Miami, and is now the general manager of the Mutiny Hotel, the glamorous epicenter of the Miami cocaine scene of late '70s and early '80s.
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A show that begs the question Why? Why make this? If you want to watch a good show about drug dealers in the 70's watch Narcos. This show is completely unoriginal. The worst part is the Acting. The lead character seems to be walking through the story half asleep. He has no reactions to anything happening in the story around him. He just stands there like a mannequin while someone is being tortured in front of him like he was looking past him. The whole thing feels like Amateur Hour. The only interesting character is Hunter S. Thompson but he is a side note. The show just sucks. It was hard to finish the first episode.

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  • Danny Pino
  • Yul Vazquez
  • Mark Feuerstein
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