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tvseriesJuly 7, 2024
The story of Roman Compte, a Cuban exile and general manager of The Mutiny Hotel, the glamorous epicenter of the Miami cocaine scene of late '70s and early '80s. The Mutiny Hotel was Casablanca on cocaine.
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I liked this pilot. The casting is good, the story isn't muddled, and the production values are good. Yul Vasquez plays a villain...again. He's a very solid, journeyman actor, but has been typecast as a villain, sometimes even playing a real scumbag. I'd like to see in more sympathetic roles, though I would probably not be able to avoid expecting his character to turn out to be a villain. Michael Chiklis isn't miscast, since he almost always plays a despicable cop of one variety or another. I've disliked most of the characters I've seen him play, even when his character is supposed to be a white-hat type. He turns in his usual good portrayal of an unlikable guy. Danny Pino is good as the central character. He is believable as a dad and as a pragmatic manager of an infamous hotel. He's a good foil for his boss: Burton Greenberg (Mark Fuerstein), who is a neurotic, coke addled, rich kid type of hotel owner. The billing, to me is not fair to at least one actor, John Ventimiglia. John Ventimiglia is a star compared to the long line of characters without any names other than "Mutiny Girl". Still, his billing is below that of a lot of unknowns, several with no lines, when he actually played a character, and a well known character at that.

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