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tvseriesTV-14July 24, 2023
A dog named Honey leads a group of neighborhood animals in group therapy sessions.
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I think this is a cute little cartoon, and I really like it. Some of these reviews are just bizarre. What exactly were you people expecting from a cartoon about talking animals? One person said they "just don't get the point of it."'s a cartoon about talking animals! It doesn't have any deep meaning or significant purpose. Haven't you people ever watched something just because it was silly and fun? With the exception of documentaries and other educational programming, you could ask yourself what's the point of pretty much all shows in existence. The point is simply entertainment. This show just happens to be entertainment that you don't personally like, and that's fine. But acting like you just can't understand why it's even on the air is beyond ridiculous. I've always thought Seinfeld was absolutely pointless and not funny at all, but many of you act like that's the best thing that ever existed. Different strokes for different folks. I say if you're an animal lover, if you've ever wondered what your pets would say if they could talk, if you can enjoy silly humor about the lives of pets, and you don't take yourself too seriously, then give this show a try. If you think every show has to have some deeper, existential, or philosophical meaning in order to be worth watching, then you will be disappointed.

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  • Lisa Kudrow
  • Clea DuVall
  • Nat Faxon
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