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movieJanuary 25, 2024
Rainy Lawson, has her hands full trying to fill her daddy's shoes as Sheriff in the conservative mountain county of Gibson, Georgia. Her life gets more complicated when reports surface of a supernatural killer, rumored to be a hubcap. Can Rainy keep at bay her political opponents, unravel the mystery of the hubcap killings, honor the memory of her father, navigate advances of her many suitors, all while coping with the PTSD from her military service?
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1h 39min
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I know...a movie about a flying hubcap that kills are thinking LSD 3AM obscure channel with nothing else on.... However..... Give it a chance! The movie wasn't as silly as the title might lead you to believe. There was an actual plot with a couple of subplots that made sense when put together. And the reason for the Hubcap becoming to life again there is a reason behind it...replace "Hubcap" with an animal etc., a protector of the wronged and it does make sense. Of course the token sex scenes (which IMHO weren't really needed) and some salty F bombs were minor detractions, and a little slow at times but again not too shabby. And of course the ending leaves open the possibility of a sequel.... How about "The Cap is Back!" So in conclusion, don't judge by the title alone...put it all together and give it a chance, its not all that bad!

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  • Adam Boyer
  • Holly A. Morris
  • April Tweedy
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