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movieUnratedJune 3, 2023
A fur trapper leaves his wife and daughter behind to kill a rogue wolf in the remote wilderness, but they soon become increasingly worried when their peaceful existence is disrupted.
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1h 33min
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This movie was what I thought it would be- slightly entertaining with some flaws. The overall story seemed to be two separate ideas combined into one. There is a twist in the middle of the movie that was interesting, however, by the end it became predictable. The pace of the film was a bit slow, however the ending provided some much needed emotion to the movie. There were definitely some tense moments, but unfortunately they were few and far between. On a positive note, I really liked some of the gritty scenes that show what it takes to survive in wilderness with minimal resources. I was excited to see Nick Stahl and Devon Sawa on the screen again, but I don't think they were given big enough roles in the film. Too much time was spent on minor characters that did not really have much to do with the story. The actress that played the mother did a good job though, and helped carry the movie. This is not the worst way to spend an hour and a half of your time, but don't expect the film to leave a memorable impression. [5/10]

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  • Camille Sullivan
  • Summer H. Howell
  • Devon Sawa
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