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movieRMay 31, 2023
A detective becomes entangled in a mystery involving his missing daughter and a secret government program while investigating a string of reality-bending crimes.
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1h 33min
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This film deals with a lot of "what ifs" regarding hypnotic suggestions or psychiatric suggestions. The truth about that stuff is that it only works if you agree to whatever is being suggested while you're in a semiconscious state. And it can't make you see what isn't really there. But this film asks you to suspend your disbelief and go along with the story for the ride. We're never told really what secret government agency is running the show, only that it's a rogue element. The film verges on losing its audience, but stays smart while keeping things clear and not too muddy in terms of who is doing what to whom. That's a plus because the casual viewer might have gotten lost with the ins and outs of the plot. The film is pretty nebulous about the city and location, save that maybe it's somewhere in Texas near the Mexican border. But there's no recognizable Federal Agency overseeing the thing, nor coming in at the end to mop up the bad guys. Is that good or bad? I can't really say for certain as maybe the film really didn't need it, and also to drive home the idea of sticking to your personal morals and not relying on a higher government power to reinforce societal ideals, especially when one government agency has gone rogue. No swearing, no sexual stuff as such, just quite a bit of gunplay here and there, and some blood. They used to make film like this with some regularity, so it's kind of refreshing to something that has new-school gloss but old school film making strategies. That is to say the hero speaks in hushed male tones to prevalent in today's popular media to sooth an draw in female viewers, and the sound is overpowering, though there isn't too much clever dialogue as the film is meant for an older audience. It's not the best film ever made, but a heck of a lot better than a lot of junk aimed at teenagers. Check it out.

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  • Ben Affleck
  • Alice Braga
  • JD Pardo
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