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movieNot RatedJune 28, 2024
The enigmatic resurrection, rampage, and retribution of an undead monster in a remote wilderness unleashes an iconic new killer after a locket is removed from a collapsed fire tower that entombed its rotting corpse.
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1h 34min
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Disclaimer: this film is only intended for slasher fans. Ones who love the cliches and tropes of the genre and want to see them flipped on their head and played around with. The change of POV, the off camera kills slowly dwindling away until everything in its practical effects glory is displayed with a refusal to turn the camera from anything, and the (in a good way) head scratching ending. This review isn't to gatekeep this film, it's just to let people know who the intended audience is. I've seen many films where I wasn't the intended audience and the point of the film was lost on me. The early review to this film were very negative so I was bracing for a bad time but was surprised. This is one of those rare love letters to the genre that really requires additional watching of at least the classics to see what the director was going for. Otherwise it's just going to seem like senseless kills and walking around with no substance, where the true substance lies in the established features of the genre itself that it puts its twist on. Overall a fun time with some genuinely great moments and a must watch for slasher fans.

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  • Ry Barrett
  • Andrea Pavlovic
  • Cameron Love
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