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movieROctober 16, 2023
A couple has to face both the villagers and the local priest, who worry their son is possessed by demonic forces and is the reason for all the village's woes. After the death of his wife, Don Marquez brings in Grace Victoria Burnham, an American psychiatrist to find out what is ailing the boy.
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A slow burn, but really well done. A gorgeous setting, great performances by everyone in the cast, and a unique story. I thought it would be more scary, but it was more just an overall unsettling, disturbing sense of unease that perpetuated throughout the whole film and came to a head at the climax. Dr. Grace Burnham was a compelling character, a courageous fish-out-of-water psychologist who finds herself alone, the only rational voice in a community characterized by fear and hysteria. The community faces famine, illness and loss, and they blame every unfortunate happening on the boy Dr. Burnham came to help, Martin. Amber Heard gives an engrossing performance as Dr. Burnham, one of the only women in the burgeoning field of psychology, alone in an unfamiliar, hostile place, with a dedication to protecting and nurturing Martin. Lorenzo McGovern Zaini gives an incredible performance as Martin, and Eduardo Noriega is compelling in his role as Martin's father, who is grappling with the loss of his wife and his feelings about his troubled son. My only criticism is I wish it had been a little longer -- the ending was a little abrupt and I wish there had been more exploration of Dr. Burnham's background and what the future might hold at the end. But overall, I think it was a great little movie -- definitely worth watching.

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  • Amber Heard
  • Eduardo Noriega
  • Lorenzo McGovern Zaini
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