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tvseriesTV-MAJune 25, 2024
Louis de Pointe's epic story of love, blood, and the perils of immortality, as told to the journalist Daniel Molloy. Chafing at the limitations of life as a black man in 1900s New Orleans, Louis finds it impossible to resist the rakish Lestat De Lioncourt's offer of the ultimate escape: joining him as his vampire companion.
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I was bored and couldnt find anything decent to watch whilst I couldnt sleep. Randomly saw this having never watched the movie and knowing nothing about it but figured the dude from got is in it so why not. What a massive mistake that was, i didnt end up sleeping at all as I binged the heck out of this show, I loved it. The only real reason its not a 10 was id like to have seen more random vamps and perhaps more vamp on vamp violence! Better yet I felt like season 2 so far is even better than season 1. If you are unsure or like me are waiting for the next episode of your current fave series then just give it a shot, I doubt you will regret it.

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  • Jacob Anderson
  • Assad Zaman
  • Sam Reid
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