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movieRDecember 1, 2023
Winnie's life is less than wonderful one year after saving her town from a psychotic killer on Christmas Eve. When she wishes she was never born, she finds herself magically transported to a nightmarish parallel universe. With the murderous maniac now back, she must team up with a misfit to identify the culprit and get back to her own reality.
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It's a Wonderful Knife has a style that is not often seen, possibly a style of its own. It will turn some away, but if you go along with it, then you'll find a lot to like, despite oddball scripting. If questions like "why are these people making out at family Christmas" or "why are so many people calm about dozens of murders happening in a tiny town" or "shouldn't this person do that instead of this" stop you from having the fun the movie wants you to have, then move on. True, the movie could be 30 minutes longer. It could've attempted to add scenes to explain and answer some of these questions. This could've made it better or even worse. The film is more concerned with our lead character surviving a killer in this alternate timeline that she is experiencing. With her POV, she doesn't get to answer these questions that the audience will ask. She's asking them too. The only question she needs to answer is how to get back to her normal life. Despite the script not being perfect, it could've been better or worse, but its intentions don't feel like it wants to be anything more than what it is. Because it feels like it's the product that the filmmakers intended. The thing that holds the movie together the best is the acting, with the highlights being Justin Long and Jane Widdop, among others. By it's nature, the movie isn't "great", but it fits into the mold of an easy watch that will be on a fairly steady rotation on Christmas.

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  • Jane Widdop
  • Joel McHale
  • Justin Long
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