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movieRJuly 25, 2023
Until now, the Justice League has been a loose association of superpowered individuals. But when they are swept away to Warworld, a place of unending brutal gladiatorial combat, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the others must somehow unite to form an unbeatable resistance able to lead an entire planet to freedom.
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Given my lack of general interest in superheroes in general, then of course I was not familiar with this title being in the making. And thus, as it was unleashed upon the world, I happened to stumble upon it by random chance. And with free time on my hand, I opted to sit down and watch "Justice League: Warworld". Well, writers Jeremy Adams, Ernie Altbacker and Josie Campbell didn't exactly put together something grand here. And the whole multiverse thing is wearing very, very tiresome throughout the different publishers, be it DC, Marvel, etc. And "Justice League: Warworld" was yet another multiverse thing. Yay - don't know if you can sense the sarcasm dripping off of that comment? The storyline in "Justice League: Warworld" was pretty generic, even for a DC animated movie. And truth be told, I found this particular approach on the Justice League to be a rather ludacrous and laughable one. And there wasn't much to be thrilled or entertained about here. Well, the brightest moment throughout the 89 minutes that "Justice League: Warworld" ran for, in my opinion, was when Lobo showed up. The rest of the storyline was pretty much just a dumpster fire. Oh, I almost forgot, it was also cool to see Jonah Hex showing up in the narrative. With "Justice League: Warworld" being an animated movie, then of course having a proper voice cast ensemble is a must. And they did have that here, luckily. However, I have to admit that from the voices alone, then I didn't recognize a single performer. I had to peruse IMDb afterwards to check who had voiced the various characters, and it was nice that the likes of Frank Grillo and John DiMaggio were on the cast list. The art and animation style in "Justice League: Warworld" was pretty good. I did like that, I will admit to that. And it certainly helped to keep "Justice League: Warworld" afloat and keeping it watchable. Personally, I found that director Jeff Wamester's 2023 animated DC movie "Justice League: Warworld" came and went without leaving as much as a ripple or a burp in any of the many multiverses out there. However, I am sure that the diehard fans of the the Justice League comics and such will find some enjoyment in "Justice League: Warworld". My rating of "Justice League: Warworld" lands on a three out of ten stars.

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  • Jensen Ackles
  • Ike Amadi
  • Troy Baker
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