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tvseriesTV-MAAugust 2, 2023
Having left the hollers of Kentucky 15 years ago, Raylan Givens is now based in Miami, balancing life as a marshal and part-time father of a 15-year-old girl. A chance encounter on a Florida highway sends him to Detroit and he crosses paths with Clement Mansell, aka The Oklahoma Wildman, a violent sociopath who's already slipped through the fingers of Detroit's finest once and wants to do so again.
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I think I'm being generous giving this a 6. I only did so because Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) is back and I was very much looking forward to this spinoff. What's driving me insane is the daughter. First, she's not the right age. Second (and most annoying) is there is no way on this earth Winona (Raylan's ex wife) would ever raise such a stringy, unkept, foul mouthed, belligerent, loser brat. Her character is totally unbelievable and ruining the show for me. Second issue is the criminal/bad guy/nemesis. The criminals in the original Justified did what they did for some type of reason - primarily because they lived in a poor backwoods mining town and they either wanted to survive or they wanted to thrive without earning it. This bad guy just seems like a psychopath who murders people for the fun of it. It's only the second episode and dude has killed 6-8 people so far. Why? The original Justified was somewhat believable. This one seems like the writers just phoned it in without having a clue what the original was about.

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  • Timothy Olyphant
  • Boyd Holbrook
  • Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor
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