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movieTV-MAApril 4, 2023
At work, she's a renowned assassin. At home, she's a single mom to a teenage daughter. Killing? That's easy. It's parenting that's the hard part.
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2h 17min
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Definitely has that John wick 1 vibes with the world building and OP Hitman legend. But in a completely different direction of a single mother. The dynamics were insane, for all the characters. Just when you think it'll succumb to cliches and stereotypes, it pulls a punch from your blindspot. I can only talk so much without going into spoilers, but every single main character, the boss, his sister, our protag, her daughter, and a few side characters, are utilised very well. Every action they take, no matter how comical, surprising, confusing or deranged meshes well with their established personality. This movie made me care a bit about almost every character, so when someone dies, you feel the pinch. Sure, its not feature length shootout fest like john wick, or a family drama, but its a happy mix in between. The action is coordinated very well, the BGM is seamless enough and the few CGI shots are really well done. I am seeing a lot of low ratings and i just cant understand why. Maybe its for a small subset of viewers, like the entire John Wick franchise is.

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Cast Overview
  • Jeon Do-yeon
  • Esom
  • Hwang Jung-min
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