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tvseriesTV-MAJanuary 19, 2024
When a suburban man receives messages that seem to predict the future, he develops a following - and powerful enemies.
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Yesterday, I finished Kubra and I was impressed as always, by the extreme performance of the actor Cagatay Ulusoy. I can reaffirm that this actor chooses his role out of a desire to convey a clear message to humanity. Each role performed by Cagatay has a clear message that urges inner circumspection. This time, Cagatay took on a role I never thought he would pull off, and in some places, he brought a few tears to my eyes. And God, how well he performed, how much dedication and pathos he put into the penciling of the Gokhan character! The crux of the first season is in the last episode... Will Gokhan continue to believe in God's power after learning the truth? Yes... I think so... Kubra conveys messages of love for one's neighbor, of the inner struggle taken to extremes by the poor, and of the chasm between the social strata from a political and financial point of view. Kubra is the quintessence of all the spiritual values that God has passed on to us, regardless of religion, country we come from, or spiritual affiliation. It is a bundle of spiritual dogmas, which prompts you to ask yourself the question: What is the purpose of my arrival on this earth?

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  • Çagatay Ulusoy
  • Aslihan Malbora
  • Ahsen Eroglu
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