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tvseriesTV-Y7September 10, 2023
Follow the adventures of Po, who partners up with a no-nonsense English knight named Wandering Blade to find a collection of four powerful weapons before a mysterious pair of weasels do, and save the world from destruction.
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I read other reviews, and while I do think some points are exaggerated in their quality, I understand where people are coming from. Dreamworks had hyped up Jack Black being on the project a lot, portraying this show as an unofficial Kung Fu Panda 4, when in reality this was just another generic kids show based on a Dreamworks property. Are all Netflix Dreamworks shows bad? No, their other action shows like Kipo are one of my favorites as a matter of fact, but this show does little to stand out from others in its genre. The characters aren't doing anything for me despite having good backstories. Blade, for example, has a neat backstory regarding her brother, but her personality is the by-the books hardened and stoic type. Po is a lot less endearing and more annoying, but this isn't a complete character assassination (although the way he handles his status really irks me). As always, Mr. Ping is the best character. The animation is pretty inconsistent. If the show aired 5-10 years earlier, it would be alright, but it didn't. The lighting and set design look really good and are the highlight visually. The new character designs suck and the villains especially look dog****. The actual animation feels off. IDK if it's because it's animated on twos or somsthing, but it felt less impactful. Overall, a pretty average show that a 7 year old might like, but nothing beyond that. They could've executed this better.

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  • Jack Black
  • Rita Ora
  • Della Saba
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