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movieTV-14December 4, 2023
A down-on-his-luck former high school basketball coach will do anything to win, which in this case means leading his team of men to don wigs and brutally dominate in multiple women's sports.
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The movie was pretty good! It was more of a relief to see/hear some real comedy. Comedy should have no taboo topics. I think this small studio will continue to put out more and more good content as they continue to push the envelope of what we are allowed to talk about. Not the best movie I have seen, but definitely a needed laugh at the ridiculous world we now live in. I hope those who are against women competeing against real women will realize how ridiculous it is to allow men to compete against them. The movie does a great job of poining out the hypocrisy of the left in the media and society in general. Great job DW!

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  • Jeremy Boreing
  • Daniel Considine
  • David Cone
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