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tvseriesJuly 3, 2024
Gala is a New York City socialite on the run in a quaint Spanish town with her mother and daughter. Gala's new life brings her into the path of a brash but charming winery owner-and a deep well of family secrets.
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I had high hopes for this show but was sadly disappointed. The lead character gets herself into too many bad situations and a lot of.them are due to her having no common sense and just being careless. Plus all of a sudden they were all speaking Spanish with no option for English. I clicked on the audio which said English, but it was still Spanish. They are all fighting against each other, so rather than it making you laugh, you're stressed out the entire show. The show just seems chaotic and it's poorly written. Actresses are fine, but the script just induces anxiety. Grandma, Daughter and granddaughter all seem like selfish, shallow characters.

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  • Eva Longoria
  • Santiago Cabrera
  • Victoria Bazua
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