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tvseriesJuly 10, 2024
Gala is a New York City socialite on the run in a quaint Spanish town with her mother and daughter. Gala's new life brings her into the path of a brash but charming winery owner-and a deep well of family secrets.
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Watched the first two episodes this week and both my husband and I are loving it. It's light, funny, clever and has gorgeous scenery. And having the show be in both English and (primarily) Spanish gives it real sense of authenticity. And I'm confused about the viewers who have a problem with the language choices, since Apple has been advertising this as a bilingual show from the beginning. The cast are all great, Eva Longoria is as entertaining as ever and Santiago Cabrera is always a delight to watch in anything. Pour yourself a glass of red and get swept away in the scenery and the sense of family and community.

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  • Eva Longoria
  • Santiago Cabrera
  • Victoria Bazua
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