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movieApril 12, 2024
A man named Ray discovers his wife is cheating on him and decides to kill himself. Before he can pull the trigger, he is mistaken for a low-rent hired killer. Desperate for a little respect, and with nothing else to live for, Ray decides to take the job - and soon begins to question whether he made the right choice.
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1h 52min
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LaRoy, a small village in the middle of nowhere in the USA, where intrigue, absurdity and adultery reign supreme. An explosive cocktail that, in addition to its breathtaking aesthetics, makes the film even more fantastic than it already is. The investigation on which the story is based is quite singular in its pace and twists, revealing the genius of this film. What's more, the film's Western touch gives it a unique, timeless identity. It throws a whole new perspective on thrillers in our faces. The main character, rather weak by nature, is pushed to his darkest depths, giving us a surprisingly comic insight into the emotional limits of human beings. In conclusion, this film is a little gem discovered at the Deauville Film Festival, which you MUST NOT MISS AT THE CINEMA!

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  • Steve Zahn
  • John Magaro
  • Dylan Baker
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