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movieRDecember 8, 2023
A family's getaway to a luxurious rental home takes an ominous turn when a cyberattack knocks out their devices - and two strangers appear at their door.
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Wow, they really cranked the engagement (+tension) levels all the way up to eleven here. And for what it's worth, the source material (a novel of the same name by Rumaan Alam) feels like it carries that page-turner quality. I guess there was one major change from the novel, and that was with Myha'la Herrold's character. The ensemble truly shine, and it's good to see Julia Roberts return to doing solid work after a mediocre Ticket to Paradise. Ethan Hawke is a go-to for daddy roles like this nowadays, and he aces it, as expected. The true standout is Mahershala Ali, in a role that first makes us think he's a creepy home-invader, but then, the man is full of sophistication and good taste, ain't he? For instance, his casual revelations may sound like conspiracy theories, but he delivers them in a style that makes you want to believe. Roberts, on the other hand, is displaying all kinds of cynicism and vulnerability, and her character becomes easier to like once the surface layers are peeled off. The two kids are promising too. For writer-director Sam Esmail, this feels like natural progression after all the work he put into Mr. Robot. The visual effects are thankfully solid, and if they'd been subpar, this film would've been half as effective. There are stretches where the protagonists are just confused and unsure what to do, given the distinct nature of the circumstances, and it's because the writing (especially, the dialogues) is strong that the film stays riveting all through 2h 20m. You can argue that the makers tried to blend too many things here, including bits of body horror (ouch, those teeth!) and dark comedy (screaming at the deer), and I think it's to their credit that it all somehow makes for a coherent, mostly thrilling ride. The ending feels rather simplistic for a film that offers various kinds of commentary, and while it made me smile, I'm not sure how I feel about it as "storyline closure". P. S. Wasn't Kevin Bacon THE perfect choice to play the unhinged neighbor?

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