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tvseriesTV-MAMarch 19, 2023
Two agents-and former lovers-must work together to combat international cyberattacks threatening the UK while also confronting the buried secrets of their destructive relationship.
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I'm not going to continue. Eva Green, girl, you've got more going on as an actress than being typecast as this strong yet fragile hyper sexual person. I'm over it! The first 2 episodes so far feel very disjointed and I'm disappointed that a key plot point is around a former relationship blablabla. Haven't we seen that before? The "tension" between the 2 french ministers is also weird and cliche. It's lovely to see Paris & London as backdrops + clearly a certain amount of budget has gone into this so it's a shame that the writing feels so basic somehow. I love EG but I'm now realising she does have a certain type of character she plays and it sucks.

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  • Daniel Francis
  • Vincent Cassel
  • Eva Green
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