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moviePG-13January 12, 2024
An international heist crew, led by Cyrus Whitaker, race to lift $500 million in gold from a passenger plane at 40,000 feet.
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1h 44min
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Poor F Gary Gray, who has definitely reached the bottom of the pool. He can't get lower, unless to dig under this pool.... He who was a so promising director; remember the terrific SET IT OFF, back in 1997, starring the outstanding Queen Latifah, and the awesome LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, back in 2010, a thriller where the lead was soooo ambivalent. Yes, F Gary Gray offered us the best expectations - I nearly forgot THE NEGOTIATOR - but since THE ITALIAN JOB, which was a rip-off of OCEAN'S ELEVEN - both films already remakes of sixties heist classic movies - since ITALIAN JOB, F Gary Gray begun to sink.... Here, I repeat, it's pure garbage, but it will be far enough for popcorn generation expecting action - but not violence - gunfights - but no blood - and a blooding f.....happy ending for sissies. I am a great heist films lover, but not of this kind, with plenty of USELESS humor. I admit though, that even in the sixties, the heist films also had humor. But it was the sixties, with their charm.....Forget it.

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  • Kevin Hart
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw
  • Sam Worthington
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