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movieRFebruary 17, 2024
A drifting ex-soldier turns underground fighter with the help of a just-released ex-con, pitting him against corrupt cops and hired killers now gunning for him and all those he cares about.
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"I thought I was going to change the world, until the world changed me." Lights Out is directed by Christian Sesma and stars Frank Grillo, Mekhi Phifer, Jamie King, Dermot Mulroney and Scott Adkins. Follows Michael "Duffy" Duffield (Frank Grillo) a homeless ex soldier who is riddled with PTSD and who also happens to be a great fighter. He ends up attracting the attention of Ex-Con Max Bomer (Mekhi Phifer) who encourages him to start underground fighting to "let his anger out". Duffy quickly strikes up a relationship with Max's sister, Rachel (Erica Peeples) and her young daughter. It's also revealed that Max owes money to local LA crime boss Sage Parker (Dermot Mulroney) and things go from bad to worse once dirty cops (one of them played by Jamie King) start messing with Rachel. For a B movie I thought this was above par and better than I expected. Frank Grillo is an underrated actor and if he wasn't the lead of this I don't think this film would have worked as well. The chemistry that him and Mekhi Phifer have together is probably the best part of this movie, they make for good co leads. It's rare to see DTV directors improve but between this and 2022's Section 8 I think it's pretty obvious that director Christian Sesma improved here or maybe working with Grillo and Adkins forced him to up his game. If you're watching this for Scott Adkins he has a very small role and only two scenes with Grillo here really. Also Dermot Mulroney seems to be in everything as of late but I thought he did a good job with his role here. Where this movie falls apart is the whole dirty cop angle it becomes way too convoluted and I think that whole storyline could've been cut out of this movie entirely and Dermont Mulroney's character could've just been the main threat. Also Jamie King who plays one of the dirty cops wasn't really convincing in the role and never came across like a real threat. Overall though this is a fun, action filled B movie and if you just want to see Frank Grillo kicking ass you'll likely enjoy this. Also in my opinion this was a more enjoyable watch than both Madame Web and Argylle which are in theaters now so that has to count for something.

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