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movieFebruary 4, 2023
Little Blue is an obedient and nai\u0308ve girl. On the beach, she loses her virginity to a boy, who not only plays on the school football team but is extremely popular with girls. At first, she thought she could win his love with her body, but to her embarrassment and astonishment, she finds out that the boy casually shows her intimate photos to his buddies. Her youth is destroyed when she realizes that the intimate relationship she cherishes means nothing more than a game to the boy. Keeping her mother in the dark, Little Blue begins exploring her body with strangers, figuring out the boundaries between intimacy and pleasure. Accidently, she discovers a secret she really doesn't want to know...
IMDb Rating
1h 36min
Cast Overview
  • Yu-Xuan Wang
  • Helena Hsu
  • Roy Chang
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300.0 MB
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