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tvseriesTV-MAMay 29, 2024
After divorcing her husband of 20 years, Molly Novak must figure out what to do with her $87 billion settlement. She decides to reengage with her charitable foundation and reconnect with the real world-finding herself along the way.
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OK, normally I don't add a review until the season is over, especially on brand new shows. But I figured it was time to go ahead and drop one to counteract the people who watched one episode and came to say how awful it was! Episode four is the turning point, things start to come together, characters and storylines branch off and, for me, the result was funny! I think it's really heading somewhere and I'll stay with it until the end. They've got some really funny people on the show it just took a minute for them to shine. I mean Maya Rudolph Rob Funches and Nat Faxon are great. I'm enjoying Joel Kim Booster too. So what if one of the lead characters is trans, if you rated low for that, then there's just no hope for you. They don't smash the whole woke BS propaganda, like so many other shows do, down your throat! It's just a trans person in a lead role and she's a good actor so it's fine, geez! Chill out... Sit back and enjoy a little light goofy comedy. Or don't.

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  • Maya Rudolph
  • Michaela Jaé (MJ) Rodriguez
  • Joel Kim Booster
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