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movieTV-GJanuary 8, 2024
Whitney is a professional golfer who is struggling to make the cut to qualify for her next tournament in Europe. Concerned that she might not be able to continue competing on a professional level, she returns to Budapest, and the golf course her family owns there, to reevaluate her career. She finds that her father, who has grown reclusive since losing his wife two years ago, has handed over day-to-day operations of the club to a laid-back, new golf pro, Daniel. Daniel's casual style is at odds with Whitney's and it throws her off her game, literally. As the pair get to know each other, their perspective changes and a romance develops. But, when Whitney's former trainer returns and pushes Daniel out, it might just cost Whitney her best shot at love.
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The story is fairly common. A sports star is burnt out and goes home to re-energize. Part of her burn out is she is still grieving the loss of her mother who was also her coach. She meets a golf pro working at her dad's club who brings back fun for the game. To add to that simple story, dad is considering selling his home and the club. There is a subplot around that. Another subplot is the appearance of the professional caddy she recently fired. Despite Andrew's good looks, supposedly the two never had any romantic involvement and there is no hint of any sexual orientation either way. Nevertheless, his arrival does make things more complicated. The chemistry between Ashley Newbrough and Marcus Rosner is good but not sparkling. There are enough things going on in the story that Rosner and Newbrough are not together as much as they could have been. Overall the acting is good and dialogue is decent. We see some Hungarian scenery. Hallmark lately seems to like mixing there regulars around, sometimes for cameos, sometimes for more. In this case Brittany Bristow appears as a rival competitor in the two golf tournaments shown. She gets a few lines at the end. Maybe because she wrote the story, this her first fictional movie on the small screen. Not bad, but no great highs or lows or surprises. I enjoyed it, but my current rating may be over-generous. I like both Newbrough and Bristow and the story flows well. And it is the first non-Christmas movie I've seen in weeks.

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  • Ashley Newbrough
  • Marcus Rosner
  • Roy McCrerey
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