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tvseriesTV-MAApril 6, 2024
A conspiracy thriller about one of the best known but least understood crimes in history. This is the astonishing story of the hunt for John Wilkes Booth in the aftermath of Abraham Lincoln's assassination-as the fate of the country hangs in the balance.
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It's watchable but disappointing so far. There seems to be an agenda but its not in pursuit of accuracy or balance. For instance: Stanton is well known to anyone with a passing interest in the civil war. His relationship with Lincoln was...complicated. Frosty at times. Sure, he went after the conspirators with a vengeance. But his motives for doing it were probably more political than emotional. In Manhunt (2eps in) he comes across as a lugubrious fan boy to his slain idol. It's weird. The showrunner supposedly did some research for this project. I'm really wondering what she read. A broad knowledge of the subject is not apparent yet. Here's hoping for some nuance in the depiction of Edwin Stanton and a more accurate and balanced treatment of the time period in the later episodes.

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  • Tobias Menzies
  • Anthony Boyle
  • Lovie Simone
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