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tvseriesTV-PGJuly 17, 2020
Agent Phil Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division) puts together a team of agents to investigate the new, the strange and the unknown around the globe, protecting the ordinary from the extraordinary.
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Agents of Shield is one of the best superhero/comic book themed shows out there, and I'm not kidding. All of the hate this series gets is completely unwarranted, and the hate comes from those who only watched the first half season. Ever since then, this show has been on the up, improving every season. Sure, it has a slow and not very strong start, but Agents of Shield gets progressively better as you continue through the series. And the improvement is so drastic that this has become one of the best TV shows I've seen. One of the most special aspects of this show is how it ties into the MCU. Out of all of Marvel's TV shows, Agents of Shield is most affected by, and most connected with the Marvel movies. I can't stress enough how enjoyable it is to watch this series alongside the movies; it is the perfect companion. Only problem being, you'll be annoyed at how the movies rarely recognize the show, but hopefully that too will change in time. Season 4 of Agents of Shield is the real point where you realize just how incredible the show is. It is definitely one of the best seasons of a TV show that I have ever seen, and I've seen many shows. From the likes of what's largely considered some of TV's best: Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc. And also other superhero shows, such as; Daredevil, The Punisher, Jessica Jones, etc. Agents of Shield stands tall right amongst these, and season 4 is a must watch. Not just for fans of Marvel, but any Sci-Fi fans. The real strength of the phenomenal season 4 being, the amount of story arch's put into 1 season. It's fast paced, interesting, and emotional. The cast, and the characters they play, are fantastic; and Clark Gregg is the great leader needed for a show like this. I'm happy that they went through with giving the character of Coulson a TV show after the events of the first Avengers, because Agent Coulson in my eyes, is one of Marvel's biggest stars. To all those that denounced this show, give it another chance. Rewatch the show, and really get into it; you will not be disappointed. My Rating: 9.25/10

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  • Clark Gregg
  • Ming-Na Wen
  • Brett Dalton
  • Iain De Caestecker
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