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tvseriesTV-MAJanuary 26, 2024
During World War II, airmen risk their lives with the 100th Bomb Group, a brotherhood forged by courage, loss, and triumph.
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Kinda exhilarating experience watching this squad go through all those emotions and still go for it again and again. Scary to some extent. Stunning visuals. I was in awe for most the time when the squadron is up in the air. It looks so realistic and gripping. The squad is just starting to band together and the directors have made a great effort to show the process. Casting is spot on. Austin Butler reminds me of young nick cage. Naturally charismatic and heck yea he is a great actor. No more elvis vibes. Callum turners voice is apt for the role and Boyle shines in his own way. Kudos to you guys and can't wait for the remaining episodes. Apple has finally nailed it. They got what they were looking for. An almost Masterpiece. Can't judge the entire season based on 2 episodes so I give it anywhere between 8-9 rating.

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  • Austin Butler
  • Callum Turner
  • Anthony Boyle
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