Masters of the Universe Revolution Complete S01 480p WEB-DL x264

tvseriesTV-PGJanuary 25, 2024
It's technology versus magic as He-Man and friends fight back against the shadowy forces of Skeletor in an epic battle for the heart of Eternia.
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This aspires towards the epic - and at times almost touches the heights. But it is weighed down by its own over-ambition - and by being mismatched with a paltry 5 episodes, which creates a rushed, hectic fusion of far too many elements competing for a moment of attention. He-Man, after an early essay in errantry, is once more relegated to the sidelines in favour of Adam and a diverse supporting cast, only asserting himself again briefly at the end. There are too many plotlines and none are fully completed, with contrivances taking their place as deus ex machina (literally...) and amateurish writing. A pity.

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  • Tiffany Smith
  • Tim Sheridan
  • Mark Hamill
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