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tvseriesTV-Y7June 22, 2024
Megamind finds his footing as the new protector of Metro City and faces a legion of villains while becoming the world's first hero influencer.
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After we had god awful squeal Peacock decided to do tv series and looks bad as the movie. We got cringe dialogue, awful budget animation and new characters are annoying and forgettable. And look how they massacred my boy Megamind is complete idiot in TV series why is so annoying now. As person that likes tv series from cartoons Disney did that better with Aladdin, hercules, Buzz Lightyear star command, little mermaid etc. This is unnecessary adaption between bad squeal and now forgettable tv series its insult to first Megamind movie. Please don't watch this don't give it time your energy. Your better off just watching someone else the fact they have audacity to say you want to do third movie you ruined such great movie and spit on fans I hope they don't go forward with it.

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  • Keith Ferguson
  • Josh Brener
  • Maya Aoki Tuttle
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