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tvseriesFebruary 4, 2024
Detective Sam Spade is pulled out of his tranquil retirement in France to investigate a series of brutal murders.
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Sam Spade in sunny rural France? It's like Little Orphan Annie in a zombie show, the two things don't seem to go together, but Clive Owen's world-weary expressions kind of make it work. I'm only two episodes in but the production values are pretty good and the unfolding mystery is intriguing. It's a little irritating to see the cliche of a cynical young girl possessing the speaking ability of a thirty-year-old woman, but that's almost a requirement these days. A lot of elements are thrown together: world war II, the french resistance, infidelity, cops with dubious loyalties, obscure french law, an uppity housekeeper, a mysterious cloaked figure, an annoying english artist, there's a lot to keep your attention engaged, and the implication that it will eventually add up to something. I just finished watching The Curse, which was awful. Don't watch The Curse.

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  • Clive Owen
  • Cara Bossom
  • Denis Ménochet
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