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movieMay 17, 2024
Alice and Celine are inseparable and share everything, from their daily routines to their secrets. Their perfect harmony is shattered when one of their sons dies in a tragic accident while under Alice's care. Celine blames Alice for the death of her child and becomes obsessed with protecting her surviving son from any harm. Alice, on the other hand, feels guilty and paranoid that Celine is plotting to harm her and her family. A gripping battle of wills ensues as the two women spiral into madness and violence.
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Mothers' Instinct is set in 1960 and aims to be a throwback to the glossy thrillers of that era. More specifically, it feels like a stab at aping Hitchcock, marrying tense psychodrama with grand visuals and crowd pleasing twists. Needles to say, it falls some way short of matching the Master of Suspense. Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway play Alice and Celine. They are neighbours, friends and both parents of young boy who are also close. When Celine's son dies in a tragic accident, Alice becomes convinced her grieving friend blames her and is plotting revenge. First time director Benoit Delhomme is an experienced cinematographer and it shows with the film's aesthetic being one of its greatest strengths. It's a small film, set mostly in and around a couple of houses but the period setting is beautifully observed and every shot is painstakingly composed. The pastel colours and stunning costumes are in stark contrast to the grim goings on and provide insight into the characters and their mood. Mothers' Instinct's other big plus, or rather pluses, are its two leads. This isn't the first time Chastain and Hathaway have been in a film together but it is the first time they've shared the screen and they play off each other expertly. Whether they're being bosom buddies, suspicious frenemies or outright adversaries they are magnetic. Even when one of them is alone in a room they are telling the story with every facial movement. A strong supporting cast help them along the way but it's really the leading ladies show. Unfortunately all the style and great acting is hung on a screenplay that just isn't up to the task. There are moments of tension but it never really feels like it's escalating, Mothers Instinct treads the shallows for most of its runtime before abruptly diving off the deep end for a conclusion. There's nothing wrong with keeping things subtle but an ending like the one we get here should be built towards, not feel like it could have come out of nowhere at any time. It also doesn't help that the strory goes in the most predictable direction open to it and in the process robs both main characters of any interesting nuance they had built up. So Mothers' Instinct is ultimately a letdown, especially for the leads. Performances this good shouldn't be portraying a story this underbaked. 6 clandestine autopsies out of 10.

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