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movieApril 24, 2024
Masud Rana is a Secret Agent with code name MR-9 of the Bangladesh Counter Intelligence Agency
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The aftermath of the first showing of MR9: Do or Die left the audience in an unusual silence, as they departed from the theater and resumed their day. The film's disoriented beginning and lack of coherence left it struggling to establish a clear direction, resulting in its forgettable nature mere hours after viewing. MR9: Do or Die grapples with an identity crisis, wavering between a buddy cop drama and a budget James Bond imitation. This attempt to cater to both the US and Bangladeshi markets unfortunately misses the mark on both fronts. The story, though often conforming to the cliché "evil Russian with grand world-ending plans," remains the most logically sound aspect of the movie. However, the forced romantic subplot and the introduction of Masud Rana's origin story felt jarring and unwelcome. Compounding the issue, the protagonist, Masud, conveys his emotions through minimal dialogue, hindering audience connection. The characters suffer from one-dimensionality, particularly Masud Rana, who lacks meaningful interactions with others. On a positive note, the performances of the actors portraying the CIA detectives were commendable, with Duke emerging as a standout favorite. The remaining characters merely occupy space within the movie. Thankfully, the film refrains from including gratuitous elements like item songs, maintaining a clean presentation. Despite leaning into certain stereotypes, the film offers a fresh perspective on the beloved character Masud Rana. However, the decision to end with sequel bait was ill-advised, leaving an unsatisfying aftertaste. The film would have been better served by concluding when the primary story wraps up.

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  • Frank Grillo
  • Michael Jai White
  • Kelly Greyson
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