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movieNovember 1, 2023
When Ms. Christmas, a shopping channel host, receives a terminal diagnosis, she heads on a multi-city excursion to spread Christmas cheer.
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But nothing more. The cast was semi shockingly underwhelming; i had to rewatch it after i fell asleep. It's not the best in the world (it's competing with the worse) but if you want cheese, do watch this our buy a block of cheddar. I do wish I could get my life back after this garbage. My primary issue was the acting. It was so bad. It's like they didn't even care to try. The story was, like, average or expected. However you wish to define it. The whole thing left me feel nothing but boredom due to it's lack or realistic characterization. Its so sad to see stuff like this; lazy and uncaring. It simply disrespects the viewer-base (i want to like it, but they're legit making it impossible to do so)

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  • Erica Durance
  • Barbara Niven
  • Brennan Elliott
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