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movieSeptember 18, 2023
When the matriarch of a family of assassins falls ill, her three children and younger boyfriend fight among themselves to take over her empire.
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1h 39min
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Right, well it should come as no surprise that I wasn't really harboring much of any expectations to the 2023 thriller "Murder Syndicate" from writer and director Michael Matteo Rossi, as I sat down to watch it. In fact, I had never even heard about the movie prior to sitting down and watching it. But reading the movie's synopsis, and seeing who was on the cast list, I didn't get any hopes up. And I managed to endure a staggering 27 minutes of the ordeal that is "Murder Syndicate". First of all, the movie is labeled as a thriller. Nothing thrilling or exciting about the movie at all. The script and storyline was bland, boring and rather pointless, as were the character gallery. It takes a lot from a movie to make me give up on it and never to return to it a second time. And that is what writer and director Michael Matteo Rossi managed to pull off here. But the icing on the cake was the dialogue. Wow, just wow. The dialogue in "Murder Syndicate" felt like it was written by a pre-teenager whom have been watching one too many Ghetto crime action movies. The level of writing for the dialogue in the movie was infantile and laughably bad. And it was the straw that made me give up on watching movie, though the lack of an interesting script and characters definitely also had their share of influence on that decision. The acting performances in "Murder Syndicate" were sluggish and amateurish at best. So you're not in for an evening of Shakespearian theater here. Not that I was expecting that, given the 'talents' on the cast list. I have zero intentions of returning to attempt finish watching "Murder Syndicate". Everything about the movie just failed to entertain me. So writer and director Michael Matteo Rossi dropped the ball. My rating of "Murder Syndicate" lands on a one out of ten stars.

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  • Vernon Wells
  • Diane Robin
  • Cathy Baron
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