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movieSeptember 7, 2023
Phoebe is an obsessed fitness nerd who gets her big break on a sleazy workout video. After being ridiculed by her co-stars, Phoebe befriends a mafia princess wild child, who teaches her how to murder her way to the top.
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The new horror movie Murdercise pays homage to the entertaining horror films of the 80s. Phoebe, played by Kansas Bowling, fulfills her dream of being part of an extravagant workout video but faces bullying from her obnoxious co-stars, notably Candy portrayed by Jessa Flux. Unable to endure the mistreatment any longer, she embarks on a murderous spree with guidance from Isabella, played by Nina Lanee Kent, an insane mafia princess who serves as a mentor. The film effectively captures the feel and style of the 80s, complete with practical effects and plenty of blood and excitement. Kansas Bowling delivers a standout performance, showcasing her talent as a gifted actress, followed by the humorous Drew Maverick and iconic actress Ginger Lynn. Murdercise pays meticulous attention to the costumes, hairdos, and sets of that era, with drugs, sex, and big hair playing prominent roles. Directors Angelica De Alba and Paul Ragsdale successfully blend blood, humor, and a lot of 1980s pop culture once again.

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  • Kansas Bowling
  • Nina Lanee Kent
  • Jessa Flux
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