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tvseriesTV-PGAugust 18, 2023
Twenty-somethings Clark Kent, the bright and driven Lois Lane, and their best friend Jimmy Olsen begin to discover who they are and everything they can accomplish together as an investigative reporting team at the Daily Planet.
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Despite there being over 80 years of superman stories, this show seems determined to take a new spin on the beloved hero, and results in a fresh, colorful world for new and old superhero fans alike to take hold of. Without taking away from what makes Superman so very special. The Japanese/American art style is a breath of fresh air from the seemingly more rigid animation from the likes of Superman the animated series and that universe (even if it may not share the very same quality and love that those shows did). I couldn't quite tell what the age demographic for a show like this is, as it is made by adult swim, but the fun bright theme of the show should allow all ages to thoroughly enjoy this fun show.

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  • Jack Quaid
  • Alice Lee
  • Ishmel Sahid
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