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movieNovember 7, 2020
It's Christmas and the charming city of York, home to Jules, 16 and her Dad, David is decked out ready for the festive season. In many ways, David and Jules' relationship is no different from that of most fathers and their sixteen-year-old daughters. He struggles to understand her, she refuses to communicate with him. He wants to be involved in her life, she wants her own space. In one important respect, however, David and Jules share a profound bond: the death of Jules' mum, and David's wife, in a car crash two years before. With both struggling to cope with everyday life in the shadow of their loss, Jules, inspired by happy memories of her mum, decides to take matters into her own hands.
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1h 31min
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Definitely not a romcom, which the title does hint at. It was okay, Jeremy Piven is great, but feels a bit out of place. Oliva-Mai wasn't bad, but I felt her character was very badly written. The actual plot is just too farfetched, it could happen if the girl was a lot younger, but as she's 16, the immersion isn't there, which prevents the really emotional moments from having the same impact. The movie seems confused at what it is, is it a Christmas Romcom as the title and main plot suggests, a coming of age story as the subplot (with a very odd conclusion) suggests, or is it a drama about a family tragedy? Because of this, neither the comedy or the drama quite hit home, and it's too bad, as there's definitely potential.

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  • Jeremy Piven
  • Olivia-Mai Barrett
  • Hadar Cats
  • Joely Richardson
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