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tvseriesTV-14February 9, 2023
While searching for history's greatest treasure, Jess Valenzuela unburies her family's secret past.
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If this is to engage younger audiences, then understandable. However don't write down and simplify narrative and story .... To broaden your audience because you get this drivel... I love Catherine Zeta Jones and Harvey Keitel. They were the only characters keeping me in. The lead young woman Lisette Olivers is also great... it's the supporting cast and the sloppy writing that makes me wish they all would fall into a well, never to be found. If Zuri Reed shouts "patriarchy" one more time I'm gonna throw my shoe at my tv. I get it, the original cast is too expensive en masse (I guess) but then spend on writers. This seems sooooooo boring but there's a great story tucked away. I cannot relate to any characters because they're just so naive, dumb and trivial... I don't care about any of them. Except for Catherine Zeta & Lisette. ALSO! Disney! Stop being so lazy!!!! The last two relatively Hispanic characters have been named "Jess Valenzuela" and "America Chavez". Why not add a Lisa Porto Rico, James Brazilo and Gloria Chilis. It's juror terrible and lazy. I get it... "America Chavez" is a Marvel creation BUT she's a marvel creation from 2021..... so DO BETTER. Some of us brown people have names like, George, Abby, Peter with last names like Richards, Moro, and Jones. The two takeaways from this rant... is your writing is poor and honestly superficial. I, and maybe more of us with a 4-5 star review do not care about these characters. Nor if they take on this adventure. Try harder with character development and names. Also I love that Charley Koontz (Fat Neil) was in this!

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  • Lisette Olivera
  • Zuri Reed
  • Antonio Cipriano
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