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tvseriesOctober 27, 2020
Consistently stunning documentaries transport viewers to far-flung locations ranging from the torrid African plains to the chilly splendours of icy Antarctica. The show's primary focus is on animals and ecosystems around the world. A comic book based on the show, meant to be used an as educational tool for kids, was briefly distributed to museums and schools at no cost in the mid-2000s.
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NATURE's "The Polar Bears of Churchill with Ewan McGregor" finds the actor in a remote Canadian outpost on Hudson Bay, where he investigates the annual invasion of hungry polar bears that threaten to raise havoc in their haste to get out on the newly frozen ice and hunt for seals. The documentary features Ewan in some sticky situations with up close encounters. A very good documentary and lots of Ewan viewing time! Worth the 19.95 to buy it!

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  • F. Murray Abraham
  • Chris Morgan
  • George Page
  • David Attenborough
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