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tvseriesTV-14May 2, 2023
Jane Tennant, the first female Special Agent in Charge of NCIS Pearl Harbor, and her unwavering team of specialists balance duty to family and country while investigating high-stakes crimes involving military personnel, national security and the mysteries of the sun-drenched island paradise itself.
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I'm three episodes in and I'm trying to get into this show but just can't. Nothing about it is NCIS except the name. It has Hawaii Five-0 written all over it, except they dropped the original cast and brought in a weaker group with no personalities. I don't buy Vanessa Lachey as a competent or intimidating commander or agent for a moment. She's like an ex-supermodel who got tired of making Hallmark Christmas rom-coms (which is where she should have stayed) and wanted to try a more dramatic action role. It isn't working. When she isn't reading lines with her monotone delivery, she's standing around looking as if she's fighting to stay awake (I know how she feels). So far, the cases are pretty mediocre too. I'll give it a couple more episodes (don't ask me why) and then I'm out if it doesn't pick up. I'll just go watch NCIS and H5-0 reruns.

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  • Vanessa Lachey
  • Alex Tarrant
  • Noah Mills
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